New Hope For Recoverers

Who We Are

New Hope for Recoverers (NHFR) is a not-for-profit Christian cancer and support organization founded in 2001. Eva Jefferson, a breast cancer survivor, experienced a lack of support during her recovery process. Because of her experience, she endeavored to make a difference, and thus, founded NHFR to assist male and female cancer patients, cancer survivors and their caregiver(s) from a physical, financial and or spiritual perspective. Because cancer does not discriminate, NHFR exists for all people; however, NHFR recognizes that the minority community has specific needs that sometimes are ignored and go unnoticed; therefore, NHFR particularly maintains its focus within minority communities. Education in early detection and preventive measures on breast, ovarian and prostate cancer; various treatments; referral agencies and programs are its primary areas of focus.

What do we hope to accomplish?

NHFR envisions working within the community, addressing the issues that contribute to the late diagnosis of cancer while fostering early preventive measures to fight against cancer such as:

  • Yearly mammograms
  • Prostate tests
  • Complete physicals
  • Ovarian cancer tests
  • If diagnosed with cancer get a second Opinion
  • Get involved in deciding the type of treatment that is best for your cancer

Do your homework. There are many resources available to you that provide great information on cancer. Of those on the Internet, many keep abreast of medical advancements and other pertinent information to assist those affected and recovering from cancer in minority communities. Knowledge is pivotal to better health, and better healthcare decreases the mortality rate among African-Americans and other minorities.

Perform a monthly examination of your breast; be sure to have an annual physical and test for ovarian and prostate cancer. These tests are vital to the early detection of cancer and saving your life.

Our Mission:

To educate the African American community and the underrepresented on the importance of preventive measures and early detection for breast cancer and proper diet, health and lifestyle changes.

Why We Are So Concerned

We are concerned because African Americans are afflicted less with breast cancer; yet die more often than Caucasians. We are usually diagnosed in later stages and often may not be told of the various treatments that are available other than chemotherapy or radiation.

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